Wealth in Motion: Discover the financial power of this incredible new software

When was the last time your tax expert, your investment advisor, your banker, and your insurance agent all got together to discuss your financial situation and future? Probably never, right? Discover how Wealth in Motion, an amazing software planning tool offered by Brian Poncelet, brings all of the pieces together and allows you to make informed decisions about your financial future!.

CBC Marketplace “In Denial” – report on Mortgage Insurance (26:34, streaming)

Mortgage Insurance is meant to offer peace of mind and to reassure you that your family will be able to stay in your home if anything should happen to you.  In this CBC Marketplace video, you’ll see that the reality falls a little short of that.  Video produced by CBC.

Consistent dividends (5 to 9%) paid by top insurance companies every year for over 100 years!

In today’s economy, dependable profits seem impossible…but what if you could get consistent returns of five to nine per cent paid every year, tax-sheltered and accessible tax-free? In this video, Brian Poncelet will explain that this method is safe, reliable, and proven by over 100 years of success.

Gary’s Story: Critical Illness / Disability Insurance

Gary Francis, who suffered a heart attack, describes the security and peace of mind that Critical Illness and Disability Insurance provided him with during his illness and recovery.  Courtesy of Manulife Financial.


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