What Zhe Wang needs to do with the Lotto 6/49 ticket bought for a draw in October 2015 64 MILLION IN MISSISSAUGA



Zhe Wang of Mississauga won 64 million dollars.  What to do next?

First off congratulations!

Most people have a long list of things to do give money to charity, to family go on family trips etc.

Here is the key, most people if they can think far enough into the future is pass this money to future generations.

If done right, this 64 million dollars will be worth 10x that in the future!

How is this possible?  Well one has to look at life insurance!  Remember you want to spend the money!  You also want to pay LESS TAXES!  Plus, pass this money to next generations.   Only live insurance and do this.  If you spend say $25 million and die ten years later how do you pass 64 MILLION to the next generations?!  That is life insurance.

Next question what life insurance company?  What kind?  Many may look at several, say Manulife, Equitable, Sun Life etc.

WHY some may illustrate better than others!  If I can show you some great numbers wow!

What about the test of time…remember 2008?  What if the market goes down? How does the illustration look then?

Key is avoid stock traded companies…why?  Stay tuned for PART II.

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